Aluminum Buffing to Keep Your Jewelry Sparking

Care Tips for Aluminum Jewelry

Texturized Aluminum Cuff Bracelet
Texturized Aluminum Cuff Bracelet

Metallic jewelry, such as those made from aluminum, eventually fades over time. Through use and wear, your accessories will grow dull and lose that stylish sheen which they originally had when you first purchased them. So, how do you maintain this luster? How do you keep pieces created from the workshops of John S. Brana looking as stunning as when you first received them? Fortunately, it is easy to maintain your jewelry’s appearance with the right tools.

Let us say that you have purchased a Texturized Aluminum Cuff Bracelet (pictured) from John S. Brana. After a lengthy period of wear, the metal’s surface will gradually lose its shine and buffing will be required to restore its original appearance. This is generally done with a rotating pad which is attached to an electric motor or a simple polishing cloth. A separate cleaning agent may be added to further enhance the buffing effect such as Wenol.

Fold Formed Aluminum Leaf Earrings
Fold Formed Aluminum Leaf Earrings

Of course, aluminum is a soft metal and so the right buffing pads should be used to prevent any unwanted material from being scraped or scratched off. Sisal, spiral sewn and loose pads are the best for aluminum buffing and work well with a Tripoli compound for added color and cut. If you own another combination of tools, and are unsure of whether they will provide the best metallic finish on your aluminum jewelry, have a talk to your local jewelers or handyman.

Because some jewelry is very delicate, it may be difficult to completely buff and polish it by yourself. If you are confident enough with a buffing pad and cleaning compound, feel free to go and restore the luster on those aluminum cuffs or earrings you have purchased from John S. Brana. However, if you have any doubts, a professional jeweler will know what to do and can completely rejuvenate your accessories with ease.

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