3 Inch Aluminum Bark Cuff

Aluminum 3 Inch Cuff with Bark Texture
Aluminum 3 Inch Cuff with Bark Texture

Wrap your wrist in modern elegance which this 3 inch wide Bark Cuff Bracelet. This bold Aluminum cuff showcases a wide silhouette with a chic backdrop of hand-hammered texture detailing. The tantalizing texture and clean lines lends a contemporary feel to the stylish piece.

Aluminum bark bears a striking resemblance to natural wood. Perfect for any woman looking to enhance her contemporary style with a maintenance-free brilliant shine, and sure to please even the most daring fashion prodigies.

Totally trendy, aluminum jewelry is a very affordable and easy to work with metal that lends itself well to modern hand-crafted jewelry making. The bark texture is also a popular element in today’s hand crafted jewelry inspired by nature. You’ll have no trouble finding compatible and complimentary pieces right here on our website!

This is the perfect gift for people celebrating ten years of marriage! Aluminum is the traditional gift to give for a 10th wedding anniversary! Our jewelry even comes in a darling gift box.

Aluminum 3 Inch Cuff with Bark Texture - Opening
Aluminum 3 Inch Cuff with Bark Texture – Opening

Always look fashionable and coordinated by choosing metals and gems that match your hair color and skin tone. Have the right colors can make a good outfit great! Do you know what colors look best on you? Generally speaking, light colored metals like silver and aluminum look best on people with cool skin tones. (Cool skin tones are a little paler, with blue veins visible beneath the skin.)

People with a cool skin tone not only look great in aluminum jewelry but also are well suited to pastels, pinks, and vivid jewel toned clothing. Usually the best hair colors for lighter colored metals are white-blondes, ashy brunettes and silver or salt and pepper.

When it comes down to it, truly fabulous jewelry looks great on everyone! This gorgeous cuff bracelet will make a great addition to your jewelry box!

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