Aluminum Cuff with Linen Texture Featured on Etsy


Aluminum Cuff with Linen Texture

When it comes to aluminum bracelets, two different types of cuffs have been on-trend for the last few seasons. The extra wide precious metal cuff has been used as a statement piece on runways in Milan, New York and Paris, and the cloth and leather cuff has been just as popular.

The Linen Texturized Aluminum Cuff brings these two stylish looks together into one elegant wide cuff bracelet that you can wear for any occasion. The genuine aluminum has been hand texturized to give it the look of a linen weave, combining two popular trends into one gorgeous look.

The Linen Texturized Aluminum Cuff is extra wide at 1-1/2 inches, and it features an eye catching natural shine. Because aluminum is used for the construction, the bracelet will never rust or tarnish, and the metal is naturally hypoallergenic to protect sensitive skin.

Sized for a medium to small wrist, the bracelet measures 7 inches in circumference with a 3/4-inch opening for slipping it on.

– 7 inches in circumference, with a 3/4 inch opening.
– 1 1/2 inches in Width – Fits a medium to small sized wrist
– Gift Boxed.
– Made from 100% pure hypoallergenic Aluminum metal
– Makes a great 10th Anniversary Wedding gift!
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Source: Aluminum Cuff with Linen Texture on Etsy

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