Brushed Aluminum Wave Cuff

Chic Brushed Aluminum Wave Cuff

This elegant Brushed Aluminum Wave Cuff flaunts unexpected curves that have an art-gallery sophistication. The statement-sized design is bold with a cool and hand-brushed sheen, yet light and comfortable on the wrist, so it’s easy to pull off with all your favorite outfits. No two of the bangles are ever the same due to their hand craftsmanship, and the shine of the aluminum will last a lifetime because the metal cannot tarnish or turn.

The bracelet has a circumference of 7-1/2 inches. Cuffs are the perfect way to add individuality this season to any ensemble for just about any occasion. 7 inches in Circumference, 3 inches in Width. Fits a small to medium sized wrist. Aluminum is maintenance-free and hypoallergenic. Gift Boxed. $75.00

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