3/4 Inch Wide Linen Aluminum Cuff Bracelet

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3/4 Inch Wide Linen Aluminum Silver Tone Cuff Bracelet

Fabric bracelets have become popular styles in recent years, but these looks typically are not suitable for dressy wear and their construction makes them susceptible to wear and tear. The 3/4 Inch Wide Linen Aluminum Cuff Bracelet was designed to capture the details of a cloth cuff while offering the sophistication and durability of a precious metal piece. Handmade from start to finish, the cuff bracelet is finely crafted.

Hand tools are used to recreate the look of a linen weave along the entire exterior of the cuff. The texture makes this bracelet a striking contrast to a bracelet or leather watch and allows it to make a fashionable counterpoint to highly polished, sleek bracelets. Polished by hand for a reflective shine, the bracelet will never tarnish due to the corrosion-resistance of aluminum.

The slim 3/4-inch width also makes this a stylish choice for more petite women who like a cuff that can slide along the wrist.

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