Hammered Aluminum Drop Earrings


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Hammered Hypoallergenic Aluminum Drop Earrings

Tear drop earrings have an elegant shape that never seems to go out of fashion. With the John S. Brana Hammered Aluminum Drop Earrings,  that timeless look gets a modern update for a jewelry design that can be worn to dazzle at night or put a sophisticated finish on an outfit for the office or a casual ensemble. These teardrop earrings have a fuller shape than most drops and are like triangles with rounded corners. The handmade earrings are hammered, giving them an intriguing texture that reflects light for breathtaking effects.

At 1 inch in width by 1-3/4 inch in length, the John S. Brana Hammered Aluminum Drop Earrings are large enough to be seen but still subtle. As a result, they can be used to balance statement necklaces or as statement pieces in their own right. Aluminum is nonreactive, so these earrings will never tarnish or turn.

In addition, the metal is naturally hypoallergenic to protect delicate skin from irritation. The earrings are finished with fine quality hypoallergenic stainless steel French ear wires as well. Earrings are hand-fabricated from 100% pure Aluminum sheet metal, shaped, hammered, and finally polished.

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